Acting (8 credits)

seaQuest DSV (1994)

To Be or Not to Be (S1E1)

as Maxwell

Dead Connection (1994)

as Anthony the Bouncer

The Flash (1990)

Pilot (S1E1)

as Tyrone

Twin Peaks (1990)

Miss Twin Peaks (S2E21) Beyond Life and Death (S2E22) Variations and Relations (S2E19) Dispute Between Brothers (S2E10) The Last Evening (S1E8) Realization Time (S1E7) Cooper's Dreams (S1E6) The One-Armed Man (S1E5) Rest in Pain (S1E4) Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer (S1E3) Traces to Nowhere (S1E2) Pilot (S1E1)

as Leo Johnson

Credits Count

  • Acting 8 Credits