Acting (22 credits)

Hell on Wheels (2011)

Bear Man (S4E6)

as Native American

All Grown Up! (2003)

Memoirs of a Finster (S2E3)

Malcolm in the Middle (2000)

Monkey (S3E22) Casino (S2E5)

Roswell (1999)

River Dog (2) (S1E7) 285 South (1) (S1E6) The Morning After (S1E2) Pilot (S1E1)

Superman: The Animated Series (1996)

The Demon Reborn (S4E1) Ghost in the Machine (S2E14)

Duckman (1994)

Role With It (S4E7)

The X-Files (1993)

Shapes (S1E19)

Walker, Texas Ranger (1993)

Team Cherokee (2) (S7E16) Team Cherokee (1) (S7E15)

The Torkelsons (1991)

Thanksgivingmesomething (S1E8)

P.S. I Luv U (1991)

Unmarried... with Children (S1E6)

Amazing Stories (1985)

What If...? (S2E11) The Sitter (S1E13)

It Takes Two (1982)

Mother and Child Reunion (S1E20)

Knight Rider (1982)

Burial Ground (S4E5)

as Jonathan Eagle

Credits Count

  • Acting 22 Credits