Acting (20 credits)

Backstrom (2015)

Takes One to Know One (S1E3)

as Ryan Durst

Red Widow (2013)

as Gabriel Walraven

Longmire (2012)

A Fog That Won't Lift (S5E1) One Good Memory (S5E2)

as Andrew Price

The Killing (2011)

as Lincoln Knopf

Astro Boy (2009)

as Sludge (voice)

Gary Unmarried (2008)

Gary Has a Dream (S2E1)

The Cleaner (2008)

The Turtle and the Butterfly (S2E8)

as Miles

In Case of Emergency (2007)

The Good, the Bad and the Mob (S1E10)

Heroes (2006)

Five Years Gone (S1E20)

as Crane Boy

Criminal Minds (2005)

Safe Haven (S6E5)

as Jeremy Sayer

House (2004)

The Mistake (S2E8)

Lost (2004)

Dead Is Dead (S5E12) Whatever Happened, Happened (S5E11) He's Our You (S5E10) Namaste (S5E9) The Man Behind the Curtain (S3E20)

Cold Case (2003)

The Good-Bye Room (S4E16)

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999)

Delinquent (S12E23)

as Hunter Mazelon

7th Heaven (1996)

Home Run (S10E2)

ER (1994)

Haunted (S15E5)

Credits Count

  • Acting 20 Credits