Acting (84 credits)

A.P. Bio (2018)

as Principal Durbin

HAPPY! (2017)

as Happy (voice)

The Circle (2017)

as Tom Stenton

Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016)

as Bruce Springstein / Scorpion

HarmonQuest (2016)

Back to Sandman Desert (S2E5)

Lady Dynamite (2016)

Pilot (S1E1)

as Patton Cop

Space Cop (2016)

as Space Police Chief

We Bare Bears (2015)

as Nom Nom (voice)

Difficult People (2015)

Fuzz Buddies (S3E7)

as Kenny Jurgens

BoJack Horseman (2014)

The BoJack Horseman Story, Chapter One (S1E1) BoJack Hates the Troops (S1E2) Live Fast, Diane Nguyen (S1E5) One Trick Pony (S1E10) Downer Ending (S1E11)

as Charlie Rose / Pinky Penguin / Doctor (voice)

22 Jump Street (2014)

as MC State Professor

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (2014)

Julianna Margulies, Patton Oswalt, Nate Bargatze (S1E19)

as Himself

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013)

Hot Potato Soup (S4E12) Scars (S2E20) What They Become (S2E10) ...Ye Who Enter Here (S2E9) Shadows (S2E1) Beginning of the End (S1E22) The Only Light in the Darkness (S1E19) Providence (S1E18)

as Eric Koenig, Billy Koenig, Sam Koenig

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013)

Operation: Broken Feather (S1E15)

as Fire Marshall Boone

Drunk History (2013)

New Mexico (S3E10)

as Mac Brazel

Odd Thomas (2013)

as Ozzie P. Boone

Gravity Falls (2012)

The Golf War (S2E3)

as Franz (voice)

Billy On The Street (2011)

Billy Loves Ratatouille (S3E8)

as Himself

Young Adult (2011)

as Matt Freehauf

Justified (2010)

Decoy (S4E11) The Hatchet Tour (S4E9) Kin (S4E5)

as Constable Bob Sweeney

Caprica (2010)

as Baxter Sarno

Community (2009)

The Psychology of Letting Go (S2E3) Home Economics (S1E8)

as Male Nurse Jackie

Observe and Report (2009)

as Toast A Bun Manager

Parks and Recreation (2009)

Article Two (S5E19)

as Garth Blundin

Dollhouse (2009)

A Love Supreme (S2E8) Man on the Street (S1E6) True Believer (S1E5)

Big Fan (2009)

Doin' Time (S2E5) Work (S1E3) Aftermath (S1E2)

as Paul Aufiero

Reaper (2007)

Leon (S1E6)

Human Giant (2007)

Let's Go! (S1E2)

American Dad! (2005)

Stan Time (S4E9) Widowmaker (S3E12)

Taxi (2004)

as Clerk at Inpound Office

The Batman (2004)

The Metal Face of Comedy (S5E8) Cash For Toys (S3E9)

The Venture Bros. (2004)

Self-Medication (S4E6)

Two and a Half Men (2003)

Run Steven Staven! Run! (S10E14) Give Santa a Tail-Hole (S10E11) A Big Bag of Dog (S10E2) Oh Look! Al-Qaeda! (S9E24) The War Against Gingivitis (S9E18)

as Billy Stanhope

Reno 911! (2003)

Extradited to Thailand (S6E2) Death Of A Pickle-Thrower (S5E9) Ex-Wife and Her New Husband (S4E13) Son of a Chechekevitch (1) (S4E6) Spanish Mike Returns (S4E5) Accidental Marriage (S2E14) Security for Kenny Rogers (S2E8) Not Without My Mustache (S2E7) Dangle's Ex Visits (S2E4)

Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2003)

Christina Applegate, Patton Oswalt, James Morrison (S5E17) Patton Oswalt (S3E153) Amy Brenneman, Patton Oswalt, & Brazilian Girls (S3E28) 10/19/04 (S1E165) 6/30/04 (S1E97) Episode 14 (S1E14)

Kim Possible (2002)

Ill-Suited (S4E1) Team Impossible (S3E10) Overdue (S3E7) Bonding (S3E3) Rewriting History (S2E30) Hidden Talent (S2E17) Ron the Man (S1E20)

Zoolander (2001)

as Monkey Photographer

Aqua Teen Hunger Force (2000)

Grim Reaper Gutters (S4E8) The Last One (S2E24) Frat Aliens (S2E19)

Static Shock (2000)

Where the Rubber Meets the Road (S4E9) Trouble Squared (S3E11) The New Kid (S1E6)

Magnolia (1999)

as Delmer Darion

Home Movies (1999)

Renaissance (S3E6)

Batman Beyond (1999)

Sentries of the Last Cosmos (S2E23)

The King of Queens (1998)

China Syndrome, Parts 1 and 2 (S9E12) China Syndrome (2) (S9E13) Single Spaced (S9E11) Manhattan Project (S9E10) Mild Bunch (S9E9) Offensive Fowl (S9E8) Home Cheapo (S9E7) Brace Yourself (S9E6) Affair Trade (S9E2) Acting Out (S8E23) Fight Schlub (S8E22) Hartford Wailer (S8E21) Four Play (S8E20) Emotional Rollercoaster (S8E19) Sold-Y Locks (S8E18) Present Tense (S8E17) Knee Jerk (S8E16) Buggie Nights (S8E15) Apartment Complex (S8E14) Gambling N'Diction (S8E13) Fresh Brood (S8E12) Baker's Doesn't (S8E11) G'Night, Stalker (S8E9) Move Doubt (S8E8) Inn Escapable (S8E7) Shear Torture (S8E6) Sandwiched Out (S8E5) Like Hell (S8E4) Consummate Professional (S8E3) Pole Lox (S8E1) Buy Curious (S7E22) Slippery Slope (S7E21) Catching Hell (S7E20) Van, Go (S7E18) Black List (S7E16) Hi, School (S7E14) Gorilla Warfare (S7E13) Gym Neighbors (S7E12) Pour Judgment (S7E11) Domestic Disturbance (S7E10) Cologne Ranger (S7E9) Awed Couple (S7E8) Name Dropper (S7E5) Dugan Groupie (S7E2) Lost Vegas (S7E1) Awful Bigamy (S6E24) Icky Shuffle (S6E23) Alter Ego (S6E22) Tank Heaven (S6E21) Trash Talker (S6E18) Multiple Plots (S6E17) Cheap Saks (S6E15) Santa Claustrophobia (S6E11) Thanks Man (S6E9) Secret Garden (S6E7) Nocturnal Omission (S6E5) Dreading Vows (S6E4) King Pong (S6E3) Doug Less I (S6E1) Doug Less II (S6E2) Taste Buds (S5E24) Dog Shelter (S5E23) Clothes Encounter (S5E21) Cowardly Lyin' (S5E19) S'Poor House (S5E17) Golden Moldy (S5E16) Animal Attraction (S5E15) Connect Four (S5E9) Flash Photography (S5E8) Flame Resistant (S5E7) Mammary Lane (S5E5) Holy Mackerel (S5E3) Window Pain (S5E2) Two Thirty (S4E24) Bun Dummy (S4E21) Lush Life (S4E20) Screwed Driver (S4E19) Hero Worship (S4E18) No Orleans (S4E16) Food Fight (S4E13) Depo Man (S4E11) Oxy Moron (S4E10) Veiled Threat (S4E9) Life Sentence (S4E8) Friender Bender (S4E4) Sight Gag (S4E2) Walk, Man (S4E1) Pregnant Pause (S3E24) Pregnant Pause (2) (S3E25) S'no Job (S3E23) Swim Neighbors (S3E22) Separation Anxiety (S3E20) Papa Pill (S3E18) Horizontal Hold (S3E16) Paint Misbehavin' (S3E14) Hi Def-Jam (S3E13) Wedding Presence (S3E12) Dark Meet (S3E8) Strike One (S3E5) Whine Country (S2E25) Flower Power (S2E24) Soft Touch (S2E22) Big Dougie (S2E21) Fair Game (S2E16) Block Buster (S2E14) Sparing Carrie (S2E11) Roamin' Holiday (S2E10) Doug Out (S2E6) Tube Steaks (S2E5) Female Problems (S2E2) Queasy Rider (S2E1) Maybe Baby (S1E25) Art House (S1E24) Where's Poppa? (S1E23) Time Share (S1E22) Hungry Man (S1E21) White Collar (S1E18) Court Date (S1E17) S'Ain't Valentine's (S1E16) Best Man (S1E13) Fixer Upper (S1E12) Road Rayge (S1E9) Educating Doug (S1E8) The Rock (S1E7) Head First (S1E6) Paternal Affairs (S1E5) Richie's Song (S1E4) Cello, Goodbye (S1E3) Fat City (S1E2) Pilot (S1E1)

as Spence Olchin

MADtv (1995)

Episode #105 (S1E5)

NewsRadio (1995)

The Trainer (S3E11)

Late Night with Conan O'Brien (1993)

Ted Danson, Patton Oswalt, Devendra Banhart (S15E8) Emma Watson, Patton Oswalt, Mark Ronson (S14E165) Randy Jackson, Patton Oswalt, Frisbee Golf National Champion David Feldberg, Bob Weir & RatDog (S14E130) Placido Domingo, Patton Oswalt, moe. (S14E66) David Schwimmer, Patton Oswalt, Melissa Cross (S13E105) Tea Leoni, Patton Oswalt, Doris Kearns Goodwin (S13E57) Billy Bob Thornton, Patton Oswalt, The Hold Steady (S12E113) WILLIAM SHATNER, PATTON OSWALT, THE NEVILLE BROTHERS (S12E272) Michael Moore, Patton Oswalt, Ozomatli (S11E108) Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Patton Oswalt, Shinedown (S11E77) Josh Hartnett, Patton Oswalt, Sarah Vowell (S10E130) Patricia Heaton, Patton Oswalt, Finch (S10E99) Tom Cavanagh, Patton Oswalt, Kenny Chesney (S10E69)

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992)

Sen. Hillary Clinton, Patton Oswalt, Ferras (S16E91) Daniel Radcliffe, Patton Oswalt, The Decemberists (S15E185)

Seinfeld (1989)

The Couch (S6E5)


American stand-up comedian, writer and actor Patton Oswalt first began performing standup comedy in the late 1980s to early 1990s. After spending two seasons writing for MADtv, and starring in his own 1996 comedy special for HBO, he began performing in films and television shows.In January 2011, Oswalt released his first book, Zombie Spaceship Wasteland. Oswalt married writer Michelle Eileen McNamara on September 24, 2005. Their daughter, Alice Rigney Oswalt, was born on April 15, 2009.

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  • Writing 4 Credits
  • Acting 84 Credits