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Dimension 404 1 year ago

There's something to Dimension 404 that slightly appeals to both the geeky and the TV-nostalgic side, thanks to it sticking closely to two obvious inspirations. First, there is the official inspiration of "The Twilight Zone", the classic, ground-breaking sci-fi/thriller anthology series from the la... read more

Fleabag 2 years ago

The show has received a lot of critical praise, but I really wasn't able to connect to it. Following a middle-aged woman with relationship issues, family issues and money issues through modern city life in London, the premise doesn't burst forth with originality. It's yet another interpretation of ... read more

Shades of Blue 2 years ago

There's nothing really special about this one. A show about corrupt police officers and undercover internal investigations. I'm not one to criticise a show for sticking to the well-known formats, quite the opposite, a well-made traditional procedural is something I always like watching. So while the... read more

Baskets 2 years ago

This show took me a long time to warm up to, and I'm a bit surprised that I sticked with it for long enough to figure out that it's not entirely bad. After two quite poor initial episodes, and a mediocre third one, the characters finally lost some of their flatness in the fourth, and the show develo... read more

Jericho 2 years ago

The show starts out quite promising, the setting is pretty convincing and the main plot is set out well. The first two episodes do an adequate job of setting up the characters, although a handful of the major ones are painfully cliché and boring. Still, the intrigues set up a promising situation fo... read more

Colony 2 years ago

I must admit that I didn't go into "Colony" with very high expectations. While I was very fond of "Lost", its writers and creators have lost a lot of my goodwill with that show's ridiculous final season and, frankly, everything from the "creators of Lost" since has been pretty bad, with maybe the ex... read more

Billions 3 years ago

Showtime joins the current trend for big business drama with a high-profile cast and great production values, but an unfortunate lack in quality writing. As viewers, we're not expected to sympathise with the reckless and selfish characters of the high-risk investment business, a point which the sho... read more

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